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3 Very Important Online Poker Tips

Posted on November 20th, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Strategies

For any player of poker, there are a few things to remember, in all; three important poker skills which if used wisely can break your opponents’ strategy and set you on a roll: Mathematics, discipline and understanding psychology.

Mathematics: The 1st out of the three skills. To become a good poker player one should be good with probability. He has to know the general probabilities of the game he is in.  Another rule one must keep in mind is using the number of outs for your own advantage. The number of outs must be multiplied by two and add one that gives you the approximated percentage of shot you have at hitting. Once you know the percentage shot you have at shifting, if it’s a good percentage then you can figure out the odds of the pot.

Discipline: This is the 2nd out of the three online poker tips. Since you must know that there are different types of player on a table. A fish is someone who does not want to win big. He is on that table just to get through small bets; he just hopes that he gets lucky on the way. A good poker player only expects himself to get lucky on the table and others to not. Another tip would be to understand that each game of poker is different from the other and one has to very well understand each game has a different level of discipline. There are people who use the strategy of no limits and give it all they got. Sometimes this can work against them, if there is a limit player on the table who can checkmate your moves. A disciplined player also knows when to fold; when he spots danger from any opponent on the table he needs to jump out of it. Some poker players find it difficult to convince themselves to leave a game, maybe because of the cash in the pot or some other reasons.

Psychology: This is the 3rd skill, which is the last important Online Poker Tip skill needed to get you over the top.

Understanding psychologies can be very instrumental in a game of online poker. What makes a player more advanced and give them more confidence is when he or she tries and go into their opponents minds and sees why they played it. Unless you do this bit of vague calculation, you would find it difficult at times, and get stuck in a game. Understanding the decisions of another player is an advanced tool, but the sooner you get yourself into the habit of doing that, the better.

You can deduce roughly a lot of things such as what he or she has in hand. At the same time, you can also find out what your opponent thinks you have. And finally, what he thinks you think he has. Although this sounds far-fetched and nearly impossible to calculate accurately, it is the biggest secret of pro players. What they are doing most of the times is noticing others’ moves with equal focus as on their own. A unidirectional approach towards a game of poker will leave you with fewer chances of winning a game. Since building your confidence is of key importance, the above is the only way you can do it.

Poker Tips

Beyond these skills, however, there are a number of other factors that can turn you into a winning player from an ordinary player. What comes with experience can also be learnt. Learning the odds can help you go a long way without even how to calculate probabilities. You might be instinctively understanding these probabilities and most good players have never ‘learnt’ the above three basics. Here are the advanced secrets of playing poker:

  1. All sections of a game build on the previous sections.
  2. Calculating the percentage of winning a pot is the one principle a winning game follows.
  3. Calculating the pot size for evaluating pot odd instances.

    Following a system can’t get you to win a game for sure. Although online poker can also have advantages and disadvantages of its own, your style of gaming is what is very important. Understanding your style is important. In the long run, you would have figured out a lot of tricks for yourself.

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