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Beginner’s Online Poker Tips

Posted on June 7th, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Strategies

Online Poke

Starting out and learning how to play poker online can be intimidating. However with these simple yet powerful Beginner’s Online Poker Tips you can go pretty far, win some hands  and build your confidence. After some time with some good strategies and skill, along with luck and with experience on your side, you can become an online poker expert.

With one game of poker can win you a handsome amount of money. Poker tournaments are also held in Las Vegas where a lot many people take part. Not all are lucky to be in Vegas to try their hand in this game and this happens to be one main reason why people now opt for playing poker online.

Though it is different than the table variation, it can be equally entertaining and rewarding as it would be at Vegas. To master playing poker online, here’s a few Beginner’s Online Poker Tips can be adopted.

  • As online poker playing is not similar to table poker playing, it is best to adopt a new strategy according to the online playing method.
  • It is better to look out for bonuses that the websites offer. Bonus is the extra credit that the websites give. The amount depends upon the investment that you make. Always opt for secured and verified websites.
  • Be aware of the cards. It is very important to be aware of the different cards that are being dealt. Taking in account all probabilities, you must know what your chances of winning are.
  • It is important to learn bankroll management, so as not mess up with the available funds. Put small amount of cash in the initial stage.
  • One of the most important Beginner’s Online Poker Tips is to control your tilt. Tilt mean losing your cool after you lose a hand.  Many top players are known to go on tilt. But it is important you control it as it might cause you to blow away all your bankroll in a fit of rage. If you are angry it is best to step away from the computer and let yourself cool down and reorganize your thought process.
  • Identify the poker odds correctly, and then place bets. Do not just go with the flow, but instead use your understanding and then play.
  • Another important Beginner’s Online Poker Tips is to be aware of online tells. The most important tells in an online poker game revolve around betting speed. Commonly a long pause and then a bet generally mean the player is strong, whereas a long pause and a check usually mean a weak hand.
  • Avoid using Auto-buttons. These buttons are such that they automatically register a check/bet /raise. This feature is available with all major online poker sites. As this button registers your play instantly, using this buttons makes it obvious for observant players that you do not have a strong hand.
  • Do not play with high limits. Even if you have been lucky otherwise, be smart and rise slowly.
  • Before you start betting take into account all the important points like number of players, aggressive/passive players, your bankroll etc.

Following these Beginner’s Online Poker Tips and it will definitely help you to understand playing poker online. As you go on to higher levels, you will also learn a lot for yourself and emerge a consistently successful player and start making some good coin playing online poker.

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