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Hold em Tips

Posted on June 9th, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Strategies

Hold em Tips

If you are looking for some basic yet effective hold em tips, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few basic tips that can make it easier for you to enter this game if you are a beginner or been playing Texas Hold em for some time. Playing this game is challenging but can be rewarding at the same time if you’re playing the game properly.

These basic tips will give you a hang of things you must do and must not do in a game of hold em; these are simple things to remember, that can help you have an edge over your opponents.

Hold em tips:

  • Starting Hands: the starting hands are the most important key to a winning round. One of the most important decisions even important than the decisions of flushing out is the decision to play the starting hand. If you have the starting hand and if it is stronger, then you have an edge over all the players on the table because their turn will come after yours. One has to be patient and think before choosing the position. The players are seated on an oval table; the first player on the left of the big blind supposedly has the starting hands. So he is the first one to act after a flop. The other two next to him are also in the early position; the remaining players are placed in the middle and the late position respectively. This is a very important Hold em tip for beginners in Texas.
  • Blinds: A blind is another important move in this game. This is used when you have a decent hand and your chances of winning are low. The players post a blind to confuse the other players on the table. A blind is basically a bet that you place high even though your chances of winning the game are marginal. This can confuse players but it is advised not to place more than one blind in one game as it has to be small. A blind too big can be a huge loss from your bankroll.
  • The Flop: another important advice offered as Hold em tips is to help you with the decision of playing after a flop. The flop denotes that the game is now 71 percent complete because you have now seen 5 out of the 7 cards which will be revealed. This is the second most important decision and sometimes it can cost you a lot. A good poker player must be able to judge by this time whether he should continue with his hand or not. Sometimes if he feels he has a stronger hand but the last two cards might hand the advantage over to another player.

The above hold em tips are of no use if you do not have good timing. It will, however, come with practice and experience.

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