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Learn How to Play Poker

Posted on June 3rd, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Rules

Poker is becoming increasingly popular online today although conventional poker, which is casino poker, is still preferred by most of the poker pro players. Before we go ahead  and you “learn how to play poker”, you must know what makes the two different essentially, is the fact that there is absolutely no visual access in the former while in the latter, an integral part of a game of poker is the visual experience and getting ‘visual clues.’ Also before we actually give you the basics and you learn how to play poker, there is one thing you must accept before going to play poker. It is a game that can be a very addictive and while a pro poker player knows how to evaluate risk versus rewards with every play of his, he also knows what his bank balance looks like and what it is supposed to even at the end of a poker game.

Learn how to play poker (game play):

We can start off by learning some of the most basic terms –

A hand is the cards in a player’s hand. A play is what is played from a shuffle to another one.

A pot is money pool which the players have bet and put on the table. A person who wins a round gets this amount all to himself.

A split pot or a hand tie is when two players have same hands. In such a case, they need to divide this pot amount equally between both of them. It sometimes so happens that the amount is not a perfect multiple of two. At such a time, the balance amount would go the player who calls the biggest bet.

An ante is a bet that is enforced by every player before any card is dealt; it triggers action.

A showdown is when every player is required to turn their cards over. They make a comparison of their poker hands (which are of five cards now). This happens at the end of the last round.

Learn how to play poker (betting):

A call is when a player calls a bet with placing an amount in the pot which is precisely as much as the bet.

A fold is when the player folds a hand of his and forfeits further playing, by remaining inactive for that particular round.

A raise is when a previous bet is raised by a player which is larger than the one in the pot. It needs to be twice as large.

A check is when a player passes a turn of his without taking an action for a particular round of poker. This is only done if the round doesn’t have any previous bets.

After you understand and Learn how to play poker, you might want to learn the hand rankings. Hand rankings are very important to get familiar with. If you know these well, it becomes easier to focus in the rest of your game. Therefore, as a beginner, you must learn to do just that.

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