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Poker Tournament Tips

Posted on June 27th, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Strategies

Playing in poker tournaments requires a lot of strategy, observation, and little bit of luck. But knowing a few Poker Tournament Tips can be extremely handy and useful when playing in this type of poker format. Here are some of really helpful Poker Tournament tips which can help you improve your game next time you’re playing in a poker tournament:

  • It is imperative to build your stack slowly, and not going for big win early into the tournament as too much of insistent playing might result in your elimination.
  • Be focused on your table only, do not worry about what other are playing, it is best to concentrate only on your table.
  • One of the most important Poker Tournament Tips is to take calculated risks. You will not be able to go ahead, if you keep playing safe. Hence it is best to strategise and take risks.
  • Never invest big amounts of your bankroll in any tournament. These tournaments require a lot of luck hence do not jump into and invest all your money.
  • Adjust your strategy accordingly as there is no fixed strategy to play tournaments. As the game progresses, you must analyze and keep changing your strategy. Sticking to one kind of strategy gives away your moves to your opponents, hence keep changing.
  • Another important Poker Tournament Tips is to pay attention to how your opponents act while in the blinds. Some will be tight, so you can steal their blinds where as some might defend their blind fervently, so strike them when you have a strong hand.
  • The ‘Gap’ concept is very important in Tournaments. You must be fast in entering a pot with a raise as stealing blind is most important in Poker Tournaments. But if someone has already entered the pot you must be ready to fold. It is better to avoid confrontations; instead you can aim at winning small pots to build up your stack.
  • Playing the tournament to win is important. Fear of knockout should not discourage you from playing the move that you think is correct.  You must always play to win, and not just to finish ‘in the money’. This attitude will just land you in the bubble, as the strong players will run over the players who just want to last, while nearing to money. According to experts this the most important Poker Tournament Tip.
  • Do not bluff a lot at the beginning of play, as survival is utmost important in the tournament.

What you must also remember, is that while playing don’t change strategy just because the field is getting bigger. The size should not influence your play and strategy. Only the players, chips, antes and blinds must influence your play. Or else you might end up making mistakes at the table, which will affect your play.

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Follow these simple Poker Tournament Tips the next time you play and you’ll find yourself doing much better and at the final table more often.

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