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Real Money Poker Tips

Posted on June 22nd, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Strategies

Poker is not all about gambling. And as far as poker secrets are concerned, it is not all about mathematics and probability. These are things an experienced player evaluates intuitively. Unless you are sure of your style of playing the game, you will not be able to incorporate these formulae and techniques in your game play. Here is a bit about bluffing. Whether you are an aggressive player, or a conservative one, you need to use covers and shock the other players at times.

Bluffing, when with advanced/experienced players, may or may not be the best idea. Now bluffing involves placing a bet to fool the others on the table. There are many types of bluffing, the most famous one is the stone-cold bluff where the player cannot win with his hand and still places a bet high enough to warn the others around. Then we have someone who is known as a pure bluff who chooses to win by making all the opponents on the table fold. He puts in everything he was carrying for the game, just so other on the table assume that he has a strong hand and they fold their cards. This method only works when you are playing with fresh faces particularly online on a new table. In poker games where there is more than one betting rounds, a player can also use the strategy of semi-bluff. In this strategy the player bluffs in small bets hoping that the next few cards might make his hand stronger. He wins when the other players with decent hands fold their cards or if he gets a stronger hand.

In a game of online poker, playing a quick game all through can make you go unnoticed. You can use such strategies in order to make unexpected moves. Maintaining a low profile and playing a mundane game can divert attention from you to other players. This way, you would not appear as a threat. There are different types of poker games. There are a lot of strategies which you could follow by book. However, there is no set “way” of winning a game of poker. The number of varying contexts, your confidence levels, your focus, etc., makes a great difference.

There is an option when you play online with real money that enables you by default to post blinds. The option is called automatically post blinds. If you are not sure whether you want to take the next turn as a blind or no, and then uncheck the box. But also be careful because now that you will be taking time to decide on your turn, it will give a hint to the other players on the table that you are thinking of a strategy. That is why it is well advised to think about all the strategies well before the start of the game, and then go with the flow. Always remember to evaluate your risks carefully, in the game as well as outside when you play poker for real money. Learning when to use these tactics can help you build more confidence and help establish you, as a all round better poker player.

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