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Texas Hold’em Poker Terms

Posted on June 27th, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Rules

Learning how to play Texas hold’em poker can be very fun but intimidating at the same time if you don’t fully understand the all the rules and terminologies. There are certain things a player must be aware before playing. Here is some basic Texas Hold’em Poker terms which you need to get familiar with if you want to become a better player.

  • Blinds are what replace the ante as forced bets. The player on the left of the dealer would need to pay a small blind; the next person would need to pay a big blind
  • Board cards are the ones that are on the table and for everyone to share also known as Community Cards.
  • Implied odd is a pot odd except that the former would consider future bets too. The odd you imply would be what you would need to call at the flop in comparison with pot size at the end of the hand.
  • Longhand is when more than seven people are playing a game of poker
  • Shorthand is when six people or less are playing.
  • Outs are cards which would make your hand a better one.
  • A Preflop is a round of betting once you have already dealt your cards and with no cards yet, on the board.
  • A Flop is the set of first three cards face up on the center of the table. Also called board or community cards, which are used with a player’s 2 cards to make the best possible poker hand. Second round of betting now takes place.
  • The Turn is after the flop which is the fourth card dealt on the board, the third round of betting then follows.
  • A River is the last (which is the fifth) card which appears after the turn on the board to make 5 community cards. A final round of betting occurs.

One of the most basic Texas hold em poker tips, would be to know that the dealer has the greatest advantage. The person with the smallest hand is the one with the least advantage. The dealer gets an idea about others hands.

An odd is what one gets while drawing. Depending on what you have, you could calculate quite simply which cards other players might have, also by taking a look at the board. You can weigh out the odds in the manner of the ratio of your chances of getting a winning hand against the ratio of the amount you have to put in and the total amount in the pot.

Playing poker online is getting more and more popular by the day. The poker rooms and sites online are always increasing, just as the numbers of people signing up for them are. So before you sign up for an online poker site, learn your basic Texas Hold’em Poker Terms, get familiar with the rules and soon you’ll start winning some Texas Hold’em games.

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