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What is Texas Hold’em Poker

Posted on June 6th, 2010 | by Dean in Texas Hold 'em

The Texas hold’em Poker is one of the most popular varieties of poker. The game includes sets of two cards which are played by two players face down to each player. Then five community cards are placed by the dealer which includes a series of three cards which is also known as flop and the two extra cards which are known as the turn and the river respectively. The players then have the choices of checking, betting or folding after each card. For example betting may take place either on the flop or on the river or on the turn.

While playing Texas hold ‘em poker the individuals usually compete for money or the chips which the individuals give themselves. This money or the chips are also known as the pot. The cards are played arbitrarily and there is no control of players on the cards, the player attempts to control money that is placed on each hand in the pot. The money or the pot is given to any one player who has won the round as he or she may have superior cards. The aim of every player is not to win every round of the game but to mathematically calculate in terms of placing the bets and how he can win maximum money.

According to the history Texas hold’ em Poker has originated in the city of Texas in the 1900s.  From the Texas the game later spread to Las Vegas where it became very popular. For several years this game was played in Gold Nuggets Casino in Las Vegas Then this game was adopted by many other casinos.  From Las Vegas it spread to other states of California and Nevada in United States. In the 1980s this game was introduced in Europe. Today this game is very popular among the younger generation.

The medium of television, films and internet have made this game popular. In the 2000s this game has been replaced by the seven card stud the most famous poker game in the casinos of USA. This game is also played in world Poker tournaments where there are no limits on betting. This game became famous through the movie The Rounder’s in 1998. The latest flick of Casino Royale in 2006 added to the popularity of this game. The world poker tournaments were then shown on television led to this game becoming the most famous casino games in the world

There are also many books written on how to go about playing the game of Poker. The most famous book is Positively Fifth Street which was published in 2003 which was basically a semi – autobiographical work. There are more than 100 different types of books written on Texas hold ‘em Poker. This game has reached its peak of popularity through its internet version. People can play online poker and can take part in the various tournaments by hardly paying any money. The online version of Poker tournament was started in the year 2003 but by 2004 its revenues doubled.

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