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What is Video Poker

Posted on November 20th, 2017 | by Dean in Poker Rules

What is video poker

Video poker is an online casino game that has a lot in common with slot machines It combines slot machine and poker rules in a very specific way. The main objective of the player is to achieve the best combination using only five cards. Video poker is played with the usual deck of fifty-two cards. The video poker machine is one of the most popular slot machines nowadays. This video game gives players the perfect chance to play poker online and is usually divided into four stages. Try it at

What is Video Poker

Video poker games started in the 1970s but did not begin to enjoy popularity until 1980, when the manufacturer of the IGT machine decided to participate in the production of poker video games. The first of these games appeared outside of a personal computer. It was this technology that has made a poker video machine real. Despite many differences, this clunky machine reminds today's poker video games. These machines could be found in bars and casinos.


Many people in casinos who feel nervous or intimidated by table games find video poker more "friendly" than blackjack or live poker. Possibly because video poker combines strategic thinking like blackjack with the solitary playing experience of a device gaming.

First, the player chooses the amount of money to bet, then the player is given five cards, which are displayed on the screen, and the player can choose the cards that he wants to get rid of. Once the player determines which cards he wants to get rid of, the other cards replace them, and if he is able to collect any poker combination, he wins. Finally, after winning the handout, the player's play option is displayed. If he won this hand, he can double the prize money.

Video Poker Rules

The player is given five cards. The player must choose one of them, and if the card he has chosen is a higher card than the open card, he wins. However, if the player cannot guess the top-ranking card, he loses all his profits.

The differences between video poker and regular poker are these: the game is played without a dealer and other players, so there is no possibility of cheating. Winning hands are the same as in regular poker, but rules may depend on the video poker version.

Player’s winnings depend on how much they bet. Playing video poker at online casinos is fantastic and can be a pleasant experience. They all have a good selection of poker games and you can switch them choosing your favorite video game.

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3 Very Important Online Poker Tips

Posted on November 20th, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Strategies

For any player of poker, there are a few things to remember, in all; three important poker skills which if used wisely can break your opponents’ strategy and set you on a roll: Mathematics, discipline and understanding psychology.

Mathematics: The 1st out of the three skills. To become a good poker player one should be good with probability. He has to know the general probabilities of the game he is in.  Another rule one must keep in mind is using the number of outs for your own advantage. The number of outs must be multiplied by two and add one that gives you the approximated percentage of shot you have at hitting. Once you know the percentage shot you have at shifting, if it’s a good percentage then you can figure out the odds of the pot.

Discipline: This is the 2nd out of the three online poker tips. Since you must know that there are different types of player on a table. A fish is someone who does not want to win big. He is on that table just to get through small bets; he just hopes that he gets lucky on the way. A good poker player only expects himself to get lucky on the table and others to not. Another tip would be to understand that each game of poker is different from the other and one has to very well understand each game has a different level of discipline. There are people who use the strategy of no limits and give it all they got. Sometimes this can work against them, if there is a limit player on the table who can checkmate your moves. A disciplined player also knows when to fold; when he spots danger from any opponent on the table he needs to jump out of it. Some poker players find it difficult to convince themselves to leave a game, maybe because of the cash in the pot or some other reasons.

Psychology: This is the 3rd skill, which is the last important Online Poker Tip skill needed to get you over the top.

Understanding psychologies can be very instrumental in a game of online poker. What makes a player more advanced and give them more confidence is when he or she tries and go into their opponents minds and sees why they played it. Unless you do this bit of vague calculation, you would find it difficult at times, and get stuck in a game. Understanding the decisions of another player is an advanced tool, but the sooner you get yourself into the habit of doing that, the better.

You can deduce roughly a lot of things such as what he or she has in hand. At the same time, you can also find out what your opponent thinks you have. And finally, what he thinks you think he has. Although this sounds far-fetched and nearly impossible to calculate accurately, it is the biggest secret of pro players. What they are doing most of the times is noticing others’ moves with equal focus as on their own. A unidirectional approach towards a game of poker will leave you with fewer chances of winning a game. Since building your confidence is of key importance, the above is the only way you can do it.

Beyond these skills, however, there are a number of other factors that can turn you into a winning player from an ordinary player. What comes with experience can also be learnt. Learning the odds can help you go a long way without even how to calculate probabilities. You might be instinctively understanding these probabilities and most good players have never ‘learnt’ the above three basics. Here are the advanced secrets of playing poker:

  1. All sections of a game build on the previous sections.
  2. Calculating the percentage of winning a pot is the one principle a winning game follows.
  3. Calculating the pot size for evaluating pot odd instances.

    Following a system can’t get you to win a game for sure. Although online poker can also have advantages and disadvantages of its own, your style of gaming is what is very important. Understanding your style is important. In the long run, you would have figured out a lot of tricks for yourself.

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    The Importance Of Table Position

    Posted on November 17th, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Strategies

    A player’s position at the table in relation to the dealer is an extremely important strategic factor when playing Texas Hold‘em and is sometimes ignored when playing online poker. Table position is a major factor when deciding which start cards should be played and which should be folded. Example a top hand can be played in any position while the lesser hand should be played only in a late position where informed decision can be made based on how many previous players took action.

    Early position

    The four player sitting to the left of the dealer, including the two blinds, are in the early position because they have to act first in the betting, they are at a disadvantage as they cannot observe how their opponents will act before making their move.

    That’s why it is very crucial to only play top cards in early position because if another player raises you it doesn’t matter because you’re going to play these cards anyways. It’s actually a good thing they raised because you might have the best hand at this point.

    Middle position

    The three players to the left of the early position players are said to be in the middle position. Pre-flop, these players don’t have the benefits of late position but neither do they have the disadvantage of being in an early position. Because they are between the two, they are able to play a few more hands than they would in early position but not as many as they could have been in a late position.

    After the flop they have the benefit of having seen half their opponents act, but also at a disadvantage because they do not know what the other half is going to do.

    Late position

    The final three players are in the late position. This is the best position on the table as it provides many advantages the most importantly they have a lot of information available to them before making a decision on their play.

    Being one of the last to act gives you three pieces of crucial information the other two positions did not have the advantage of:

    1.)    How many opponents you’re playing against

    2.)    The amount of money immersed in this pot

    3.)    Your chances of winning based on the above two factors

    Being the last to act, you’ll know exactly how many players have made a bet. Being the last to act tells  you if no one has raised, you can see the flop for one bet which makes play worthwhile. If someone has raised, however you will have to pay two bets also the raise indicates they might have a good hand, so basically being in the late position helps you make a better decision on your play.

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    Poker Tournament Tips

    Posted on June 27th, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Strategies

    Playing in poker tournaments requires a lot of strategy, observation, and little bit of luck. But knowing a few Poker Tournament Tips can be extremely handy and useful when playing in this type of poker format. Here are some of really helpful Poker Tournament tips which can help you improve your game next time you’re playing in a poker tournament:

    • It is imperative to build your stack slowly, and not going for big win early into the tournament as too much of insistent playing might result in your elimination.
    • Be focused on your table only, do not worry about what other are playing, it is best to concentrate only on your table.
    • One of the most important Poker Tournament Tips is to take calculated risks. You will not be able to go ahead, if you keep playing safe. Hence it is best to strategise and take risks.
    • Never invest big amounts of your bankroll in any tournament. These tournaments require a lot of luck hence do not jump into and invest all your money.
    • Adjust your strategy accordingly as there is no fixed strategy to play tournaments. As the game progresses, you must analyze and keep changing your strategy. Sticking to one kind of strategy gives away your moves to your opponents, hence keep changing.
    • Another important Poker Tournament Tips is to pay attention to how your opponents act while in the blinds. Some will be tight, so you can steal their blinds where as some might defend their blind fervently, so strike them when you have a strong hand.
    • The ‘Gap’ concept is very important in Tournaments. You must be fast in entering a pot with a raise as stealing blind is most important in Poker Tournaments. But if someone has already entered the pot you must be ready to fold. It is better to avoid confrontations; instead you can aim at winning small pots to build up your stack.
    • Playing the tournament to win is important. Fear of knockout should not discourage you from playing the move that you think is correct.  You must always play to win, and not just to finish ‘in the money’. This attitude will just land you in the bubble, as the strong players will run over the players who just want to last, while nearing to money. According to experts this the most important Poker Tournament Tip.
    • Do not bluff a lot at the beginning of play, as survival is utmost important in the tournament.

    What you must also remember, is that while playing don’t change strategy just because the field is getting bigger. The size should not influence your play and strategy. Only the players, chips, antes and blinds must influence your play. Or else you might end up making mistakes at the table, which will affect your play.

    Follow these simple Poker Tournament Tips the next time you play and you’ll find yourself doing much better and at the final table more often.

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    Texas Hold’em Poker Terms

    Posted on June 27th, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Rules

    Learning how to play Texas hold’em poker can be very fun but intimidating at the same time if you don’t fully understand the all the rules and terminologies. There are certain things a player must be aware before playing. Here is some basic Texas Hold’em Poker terms which you need to get familiar with if you want to become a better player.

    • Blinds are what replace the ante as forced bets. The player on the left of the dealer would need to pay a small blind; the next person would need to pay a big blind
    • Board cards are the ones that are on the table and for everyone to share also known as Community Cards.
    • Implied odd is a pot odd except that the former would consider future bets too. The odd you imply would be what you would need to call at the flop in comparison with pot size at the end of the hand.
    • Longhand is when more than seven people are playing a game of poker
    • Shorthand is when six people or less are playing.
    • Outs are cards which would make your hand a better one.
    • A Preflop is a round of betting once you have already dealt your cards and with no cards yet, on the board.
    • A Flop is the set of first three cards face up on the center of the table. Also called board or community cards, which are used with a player’s 2 cards to make the best possible poker hand. Second round of betting now takes place.
    • The Turn is after the flop which is the fourth card dealt on the board, the third round of betting then follows.
    • A River is the last (which is the fifth) card which appears after the turn on the board to make 5 community cards. A final round of betting occurs.

    One of the most basic Texas hold em poker tips, would be to know that the dealer has the greatest advantage. The person with the smallest hand is the one with the least advantage. The dealer gets an idea about others hands.

    An odd is what one gets while drawing. Depending on what you have, you could calculate quite simply which cards other players might have, also by taking a look at the board. You can weigh out the odds in the manner of the ratio of your chances of getting a winning hand against the ratio of the amount you have to put in and the total amount in the pot.

    Playing poker online is getting more and more popular by the day. The poker rooms and sites online are always increasing, just as the numbers of people signing up for them are. So before you sign up for an online poker site, learn your basic Texas Hold’em Poker Terms, get familiar with the rules and soon you’ll start winning some Texas Hold’em games.

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    Real Money Poker Tips

    Posted on June 22nd, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Strategies

    Poker is not all about gambling. And as far as poker secrets are concerned, it is not all about mathematics and probability. These are things an experienced player evaluates intuitively. Unless you are sure of your style of playing the game, you will not be able to incorporate these formulae and techniques in your game play. Here is a bit about bluffing. Whether you are an aggressive player, or a conservative one, you need to use covers and shock the other players at times.

    Bluffing, when with advanced/experienced players, may or may not be the best idea. Now bluffing involves placing a bet to fool the others on the table. There are many types of bluffing, the most famous one is the stone-cold bluff where the player cannot win with his hand and still places a bet high enough to warn the others around. Then we have someone who is known as a pure bluff who chooses to win by making all the opponents on the table fold. He puts in everything he was carrying for the game, just so other on the table assume that he has a strong hand and they fold their cards. This method only works when you are playing with fresh faces particularly online on a new table. In poker games where there is more than one betting rounds, a player can also use the strategy of semi-bluff. In this strategy the player bluffs in small bets hoping that the next few cards might make his hand stronger. He wins when the other players with decent hands fold their cards or if he gets a stronger hand.

    In a game of online poker, playing a quick game all through can make you go unnoticed. You can use such strategies in order to make unexpected moves. Maintaining a low profile and playing a mundane game can divert attention from you to other players. This way, you would not appear as a threat. There are different types of poker games. There are a lot of strategies which you could follow by book. However, there is no set “way” of winning a game of poker. The number of varying contexts, your confidence levels, your focus, etc., makes a great difference.

    There is an option when you play online with real money that enables you by default to post blinds. The option is called automatically post blinds. If you are not sure whether you want to take the next turn as a blind or no, and then uncheck the box. But also be careful because now that you will be taking time to decide on your turn, it will give a hint to the other players on the table that you are thinking of a strategy. That is why it is well advised to think about all the strategies well before the start of the game, and then go with the flow. Always remember to evaluate your risks carefully, in the game as well as outside when you play poker for real money. Learning when to use these tactics can help you build more confidence and help establish you, as a all round better poker player.

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    Multiplayer Online Poker Tips

    Posted on June 12th, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Strategies

    While psychology, mathematics and discipline are the basics of getting your game moves right. You are going to have to know some more secrets to get the game over to your side.

    Given below are some of the least known secrets that make experienced players what they are:

    • Beating your opponents is not hard. If you attack their personal weakness directly, and if you can do a good job of it, half the battle is won. Every section of a game is dependent on the previous section. Behaving irrational in your moves can also help puzzle your opponents. If you notice that a player’s moves are lacking discipline, you know that you have to exploit that.
    • Note how the game changes. Along the course of a game, very few players are conscious of the pattern which the players are adopting. Your opponent may be tight in some sections and loose in some others. Some are reckless players but that does not necessarily mean they do not know what they are doing. In all probability, you may not be able to figure what is real, and that is what you need to find out. Understanding your own style first is very important as mentioned earlier, and then you can get a grip over these patterns. Observation is the keyword here.
    • An important thing to know is that manipulation is not always the best tool to use. If you are put in an online game of poker against strong opponents, it is very likely that your manipulations are not going to pay off as you might expect them to.
    • Card odds can become less significant as you begin to learn how to guess at your opponent’s hands. This is not the hardest thing. Math that is required for poker isn’t of a very advanced level. Many poker experts do not even need to apply actual formulae. They instinctively understand probabilities. Your involvement levels in the game should be high so that you can tell their hands by their tells.
    • Playing a fast game unnecessarily can build a certain reputation for you, as a player. Similarly, a lot of other cover ups can help you divert focus. This works really because every player is extremely focused on the game and is constantly on the look for a chance. If you appear like a mundane, closed player, you are not likely to appear as a threat, at least not the first in their priority.

    Some of the best players are known to extend investment risk evaluation to their real lives as well. Although not much of a secret, this is one of the most common mistakes poker players make. While their focus on the game is intact, they tend to forget in the momentum of the game, their bankrolls. Weighing your investment against the risks for the whole game is as important as it is in the game.

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    Hold em Tips

    Posted on June 9th, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Strategies

    Hold em Tips

    If you are looking for some basic yet effective hold em tips, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few basic tips that can make it easier for you to enter this game if you are a beginner or been playing Texas Hold em for some time. Playing this game is challenging but can be rewarding at the same time if you’re playing the game properly.

    These basic tips will give you a hang of things you must do and must not do in a game of hold em; these are simple things to remember, that can help you have an edge over your opponents.

    Hold em tips:

    • Starting Hands: the starting hands are the most important key to a winning round. One of the most important decisions even important than the decisions of flushing out is the decision to play the starting hand. If you have the starting hand and if it is stronger, then you have an edge over all the players on the table because their turn will come after yours. One has to be patient and think before choosing the position. The players are seated on an oval table; the first player on the left of the big blind supposedly has the starting hands. So he is the first one to act after a flop. The other two next to him are also in the early position; the remaining players are placed in the middle and the late position respectively. This is a very important Hold em tip for beginners in Texas.
    • Blinds: A blind is another important move in this game. This is used when you have a decent hand and your chances of winning are low. The players post a blind to confuse the other players on the table. A blind is basically a bet that you place high even though your chances of winning the game are marginal. This can confuse players but it is advised not to place more than one blind in one game as it has to be small. A blind too big can be a huge loss from your bankroll.
    • The Flop: another important advice offered as Hold em tips is to help you with the decision of playing after a flop. The flop denotes that the game is now 71 percent complete because you have now seen 5 out of the 7 cards which will be revealed. This is the second most important decision and sometimes it can cost you a lot. A good poker player must be able to judge by this time whether he should continue with his hand or not. Sometimes if he feels he has a stronger hand but the last two cards might hand the advantage over to another player.

    The above hold em tips are of no use if you do not have good timing. It will, however, come with practice and experience.

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    Online Poker Tournament Strategy Tips

    Posted on June 7th, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Strategies

    To help you gain knowledge and to sharpen your skills, a few online poker tournament strategy tips can be of great help. Tournament poker has become extremely popular thanks to WSOP that has made it even more popular. This has given rise and popularity to online poker tournaments. Playing a poker tournament is very different from playing a cash game. In tournaments you have to be quick, you must win all the chips:

    • Our first one of the online poker tournament strategy tips involves following the ‘Gap Concept’. It means that you need to a better hand to play against the person who has opened the bet, rather than what you need to open yourself. This is very important while stealing bets and making moves.
    • Try to play tight in the beginning of the tournament. The structure of the tournament will decide how tight you can play.
    • When the blinds are low, it is sensible to play tight. But as soon as the blinds begin to rise, you must start gambling.
    • Focus at your own table. Do not be concerned about what is happening around on the other tables. Try to pay attention on your table and becomes the chip leader.
    • One of the most important online poker tournament strategy tips is Survival. Survival is very important in any tournaments. In the start, you don’t need to be chip leader, but you do need a lot of chips for survival, as you must be a threat to others.
    • Read your opponents. It is important to read and understand your opponent’s strategy to win the game.
    • To be a successful poker player, you must know when to play aggressively and when to play tight.  Only tight players do not win tournaments. A mix of both is very necessary to win. Hence reason out and play.
    • Do not be afraid to push all your chips. When you have a premium hand, you must play aggressively. To become a contender for first place, you must acquire a lot of chips. This is possible only through buying blinds when they are large and then doubling up with premium hands.
    • Try to extract as much value as possible from your premium hands.
    • Do not change your strategy just because the field is getting bigger. It is advisable to stick to your strategy, and change it when needed.
    • One of the less grave online poker tournament strategy tips but one that counts is to understand the importance of luck. As the number of people in tournaments increases, luck becomes a bigger factor.
    • Calculate your bluffing. As this kind of game involves a number of opponents it is advisable to calculate your bluffing and not make it easy for others to catch you.

    These online poker tournament strategy tips can affect your game immensely. Make sure you keep them in mind before you play your next game. It is never the hardest task to make it to the winning position.

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    Beginner’s Online Poker Tips

    Posted on June 7th, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Strategies

    Starting out and learning how to play poker online can be intimidating. However with these simple yet powerful Beginner’s Online Poker Tips you can go pretty far, win some hands  and build your confidence. After some time with some good strategies and skill, along with luck and with experience on your side, you can become an online poker expert.

    With one game of poker can win you a handsome amount of money. Poker tournaments are also held in Las Vegas where a lot many people take part. Not all are lucky to be in Vegas to try their hand in this game and this happens to be one main reason why people now opt for playing poker online.

    Though it is different than the table variation, it can be equally entertaining and rewarding as it would be at Vegas. To master playing poker online, here’s a few Beginner’s Online Poker Tips can be adopted.

    • As online poker playing is not similar to table poker playing, it is best to adopt a new strategy according to the online playing method.
    • It is better to look out for bonuses that the websites offer. Bonus is the extra credit that the websites give. The amount depends upon the investment that you make. Always opt for secured and verified websites.
    • Be aware of the cards. It is very important to be aware of the different cards that are being dealt. Taking in account all probabilities, you must know what your chances of winning are.
    • It is important to learn bankroll management, so as not mess up with the available funds. Put small amount of cash in the initial stage.
    • One of the most important Beginner’s Online Poker Tips is to control your tilt. Tilt mean losing your cool after you lose a hand.  Many top players are known to go on tilt. But it is important you control it as it might cause you to blow away all your bankroll in a fit of rage. If you are angry it is best to step away from the computer and let yourself cool down and reorganize your thought process.
    • Identify the poker odds correctly, and then place bets. Do not just go with the flow, but instead use your understanding and then play.
    • Another important Beginner’s Online Poker Tips is to be aware of online tells. The most important tells in an online poker game revolve around betting speed. Commonly a long pause and then a bet generally mean the player is strong, whereas a long pause and a check usually mean a weak hand.
    • Avoid using Auto-buttons. These buttons are such that they automatically register a check/bet /raise. This feature is available with all major online poker sites. As this button registers your play instantly, using this buttons makes it obvious for observant players that you do not have a strong hand.
    • Do not play with high limits. Even if you have been lucky otherwise, be smart and rise slowly.
    • Before you start betting take into account all the important points like number of players, aggressive/passive players, your bankroll etc.

    Following these Beginner’s Online Poker Tips and it will definitely help you to understand playing poker online. As you go on to higher levels, you will also learn a lot for yourself and emerge a consistently successful player and start making some good coin playing online poker.

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    What is Texas Hold’em Poker

    Posted on June 6th, 2010 | by Dean in Texas Hold 'em

    The Texas hold’em Poker is one of the most popular varieties of poker. The game includes sets of two cards which are played by two players face down to each player. Then five community cards are placed by the dealer which includes a series of three cards which is also known as flop and the two extra cards which are known as the turn and the river respectively. The players then have the choices of checking, betting or folding after each card. For example betting may take place either on the flop or on the river or on the turn.

    While playing Texas hold ‘em poker the individuals usually compete for money or the chips which the individuals give themselves. This money or the chips are also known as the pot. The cards are played arbitrarily and there is no control of players on the cards, the player attempts to control money that is placed on each hand in the pot. The money or the pot is given to any one player who has won the round as he or she may have superior cards. The aim of every player is not to win every round of the game but to mathematically calculate in terms of placing the bets and how he can win maximum money.

    According to the history Texas hold’ em Poker has originated in the city of Texas in the 1900s.  From the Texas the game later spread to Las Vegas where it became very popular. For several years this game was played in Gold Nuggets Casino in Las Vegas Then this game was adopted by many other casinos.  From Las Vegas it spread to other states of California and Nevada in United States. In the 1980s this game was introduced in Europe. Today this game is very popular among the younger generation.

    The medium of television, films and internet have made this game popular. In the 2000s this game has been replaced by the seven card stud the most famous poker game in the casinos of USA. This game is also played in world Poker tournaments where there are no limits on betting. This game became famous through the movie The Rounder’s in 1998. The latest flick of Casino Royale in 2006 added to the popularity of this game. The world poker tournaments were then shown on television led to this game becoming the most famous casino games in the world

    There are also many books written on how to go about playing the game of Poker. The most famous book is Positively Fifth Street which was published in 2003 which was basically a semi – autobiographical work. There are more than 100 different types of books written on Texas hold ‘em Poker. This game has reached its peak of popularity through its internet version. People can play online poker and can take part in the various tournaments by hardly paying any money. The online version of Poker tournament was started in the year 2003 but by 2004 its revenues doubled.

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