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Online Poker Tournament Strategy Tips

Posted on June 7th, 2010 | by Dean in Poker Strategies

Strategy Tips

To help you gain knowledge and to sharpen your skills, a few online poker tournament strategy tips can be of great help. Tournament poker has become extremely popular thanks to WSOP that has made it even more popular. This has given rise and popularity to online poker tournaments. Playing a poker tournament is very different from playing a cash game. In tournaments you have to be quick, you must win all the chips:

  • Our first one of the online poker tournament strategy tips involves following the ‘Gap Concept’. It means that you need to a better hand to play against the person who has opened the bet, rather than what you need to open yourself. This is very important while stealing bets and making moves.
  • Try to play tight in the beginning of the tournament. The structure of the tournament will decide how tight you can play.
  • When the blinds are low, it is sensible to play tight. But as soon as the blinds begin to rise, you must start gambling.
  • Focus at your own table. Do not be concerned about what is happening around on the other tables. Try to pay attention on your table and becomes the chip leader.
  • One of the most important online poker tournament strategy tips is Survival. Survival is very important in any tournaments. In the start, you don’t need to be chip leader, but you do need a lot of chips for survival, as you must be a threat to others.
  • Read your opponents. It is important to read and understand your opponent’s strategy to win the game.
  • To be a successful poker player, you must know when to play aggressively and when to play tight.  Only tight players do not win tournaments. A mix of both is very necessary to win. Hence reason out and play.
  • Do not be afraid to push all your chips. When you have a premium hand, you must play aggressively. To become a contender for first place, you must acquire a lot of chips. This is possible only through buying blinds when they are large and then doubling up with premium hands.
  • Try to extract as much value as possible from your premium hands.
  • Do not change your strategy just because the field is getting bigger. It is advisable to stick to your strategy, and change it when needed.
  • One of the less grave online poker tournament strategy tips but one that counts is to understand the importance of luck. As the number of people in tournaments increases, luck becomes a bigger factor.
  • Calculate your bluffing. As this kind of game involves a number of opponents it is advisable to calculate your bluffing and not make it easy for others to catch you.

These online poker tournament strategy tips can affect your game immensely. Make sure you keep them in mind before you play your next game. It is never the hardest task to make it to the winning position.

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